Breast Asymmetries

Symmetry, proportion and harmony

Asymmetries are very frequent in the human body and certainly one of the main complaints in aesthetics surgery appointments. The perception, understanding and treatment of these alterations, which escape from what is considered normal, are undeniably very important for the appropriate management of the breast interventions.

Symmetry does not give, in itself, beauty to the breasts, because alone it is monotonous and predictable. However, associated with form and proportion, it plays an important role in the aesthetic appeal of body image.

It is difficult to find the perfect symmetry in the human body, and the small asymmetries usually give an air of individuality peculiar to each person. Yet from a certain point, asymmetry bothers the look and steals the attention.

The measurements of the double items need not be isometric (with the same measurements) but proportionally symmetrical. Differences in shape are more apparent than differences in measurements, so, there may be harmony even with one side bigger than the other, but with equal proportional form.

Not infrequently, the treatment proposal improves the overall, nevertheless maintains asymmetry. Often, the patient is not aware of her asymmetries, and only perceives them after some aesthetic procedure, when she analyzes her image in more detail.

The cosmetic surgery of the breasts seeks to approximate the forms of the human being to the concepts of natural beauty, softening or primarily not accentuating the asymmetries.