Plastic Surgery is one of the areas in medicine that acts on the individual's body identity. Patients with desires to change often search for it in the fantasy of changing through Plastic Surgery.

In fact, Plastic Surgery should highlight good traits and smoothen unfavorable traits. However, today there are so many available resources that, in some cases, major changes in a person’s image are possible.That is why it is increasingly more necessary to have responsibility in applying such a powerful tool as Plastic Surgery, because the limitations of changes should not obey technical limitations, but the limitations of each patient.



Surgical procedure to reduce, increase, raise and/or repair breast asymmetries.

Breast Implants
Surgical procedure to increase breast volume and/or repair asymmetries.

Breast Reconstruction
Surgical procedure to treat deformities caused by breast cancer treatment or to repair breast congenital deformities.

Breast Asymmetry Correction
Reduction, increase or repositioning procedures for the treatment of differences in breast shape, volume or position.

Surgical procedure to repair the development of mammal glands in men.



Esthetic surgical procedure for the treatment of located glands.

Esthetic surgical procedure to remove located fat and use it for esthetic treatment in other body areas, such as buttocks, depressions, face.

Surgical procedure to treat abdominal bulging and excess skin and fat.

Upper abdominoplasty
Surgical procedure to treat the upper abdomen, with scar at the inferior breast.

Surgical procedure to treat the abdomen, with minimal suprapubic incision.

Buttocks Reshaping
Surgical procedure to treat the buttocks area using fat graft rich in stem cells.

Body contour surgery after major weight loss
Procedures to reduce excess tissue after weight loss and anatomical repositioning. Remodeling of breasts, abdomen, thighs, arms, back.



Breast Reconstruction

Review of Scars and Grafts

Repair of breast asymmetries


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